TS 8th Class English Guide Unit 3A The Selfish Giant Part 1

Telangana SCERT 8th Class English Guide Telangana State Unit 3A The Selfish Giant Part 1 Textbook Questions and Answers.

TS 8th Class English Guide Unit 3A The Selfish Giant Part 1


Look at the picture given below and answer the questions that follow.

TS 8th Class English Guide Unit 3A The Selfish Giant Part 1 1

Question 1.
What do you notice in the picture?
Answer :
A young girl is offering food to a beggar.

Question 2.
What would be the feelings of the man in the picture?
Answer :
The man would feel very happy and contented.

TS 8th Class English Guide Unit 3A The Selfish Giant Part 1

Question 3.
Have you ever seen such incidents? What’s your opinion on them?
Answer :
Yes, many poor people are in need of food and shelter. The rich should help the poor. We should always look for an opportunity to help the needy.

Oral Discourse Narrate an incident you have witnessed where people helped others.
Answer :


One day I was taking a leisurely walk. The atmosphere was silent and peaceful. All of a sudden, there was an explosion. The rear tyre of a bike got burst. The rider lost his control and dashed against the culvert. I was shocked to witness this accident. I rushed to the spot on the spot. The rider’s head was severely injured. The pillion rider’s leg was fractured. All the passers-by stopped. They were sad to see the terrible condition of the two young kids. A young man dialled 108. The ambulance reached the spot in no time. Everybody got the two kids into the ambulance. The two kids were rushed to hospital. A week later, I came to know that the two kids were recovering very well.

Answer the following questions :

Question 1.
What are the major characters in the play?
Answer :
The major characters in the play are Old Giant, children named Tall Girl, Short Boy, Square Girl, Graceful Girl, Round Boy, Snow and Frost, North Wind, Autumn and Hail.

Question 2.
Why do you think children have been named as ‘Tall Girl’, ‘Round Boy’, ‘Square Girl’ etc. ?
Answer :
The children have been named as Tall Girl, Round Boy, Square Girl mentioning their physical appearances. The story had been knitted around funny physical appearance of The Giant. The Giant had either amused or frightened the children. There was inner sense of consciousness representing his physical appearance.

TS 8th Class English Guide Unit 3A The Selfish Giant Part 1

Question 3.
How can you say that The Giant is selfish?
Answer :
I can say that the Giant is selfish because he did not allow anybody into the garden to play. Particularly he did not allow children to play in it. He built a wall around the garden not allowing anybody to enter. He said that the garden was only for him to play.

The Selfish Giant Part – 1 Summary in English

Once there lived an Old Giant. He owned a large, lovely, beautiful garden, with soft green grass. Children on their way, used to play in ‘the garden’. Once the Old Giant went to meet his friends. When he returned, he saw the children playing in his garden. He decided not to allow anybody into his garden to play.

He constructed a wall around the garden, and kept a notice board – “Trespassers would be prosecuted”.

Time passed over. The Spring came. It brought greenery in all the gardens in that locality except to the Old Giant’s garden. Meanwhile Snow and Frost came to the garden and settled on the branches. They started dancing on the branches and thought that they would never leave that garden. The Snow covered all the trees. The frost painted all the trees with silver. The Winter lingered in the garden without welcoming the Spring. The Old Giant could not understand why Spring did not enter his garden.

TS 8th Class English Guide Unit 3A The Selfish Giant Part 1

Glossary :

1. peach trees (n) : trees bearing round fruit with soft red and yellow skin
2. spring time (n) : the season between winter and summer when plants begin to grow
Usage : We celebrate flower festival in spring time.
3. delicate blossoms (n.phr) : tender flowers
Usage : The garden is full of tender flowers.
4. castle (n) : large, strong building with strong and thick walls
Usage : We shouldn’t build castles in the air.
5. trespassers (n) : persons who go into land without permission
Usage : Trespassers will be prosecuted.
6. whispering (v) : speaking quietly
7. scatter (v) : disperse, spread over
Usage : With the arrival of police men the mob was scattered.
8. cloak (n) : a type of coat that has no sleeves
9. wrapped (v): covered or dressed
Usage : Jhansi wrapped her painting in a gold paper to gift it to her brother, Master Monish.
10. rejoiced (v) : expressed great happiness
Usage : Sharmila rejoiced on her great success in the examination.
11. chimney-pot (n): a short, wide pipe placed on top of a chimney
12. delightful (adj) : very pleasant, charming
Usage : The setting of the sun is as delightful as the rising of the sun.

TS 8th Class English Guide Unit 3A The Selfish Giant Part 1

Additional Meanings :

13. ceased : stopped
14. crept : crawled
15. wandering : to move without any aim
16. selfish : wanting one’s own welfare
17. cornish ogre : a cruel giant of cornwall who eats people
18. sneeze : to expel air suddenly through nose and mouth
19. feeble : physically or mentally weak
20. dusty : full of dust
21. admire : greatly approve of
22. marvellous : a wonder
23. paradise : the abode of God
24. hail : frozen rain
25. slates : small pieces of slates used for covering roof
26. prosecuted : following up, the act of carrying on a law suit
27. determined : decided
28. blossom : to open into flower
29. blowing : to move with some force
30. fur : short, soft dense coat of hair
31. frost : frozen dew
32. north wind : chilly wind
33. autumn : season of the year
34. rattle : make a short, sharp sound