AP Board 9th Class Social Studies Solutions Chapter 22 Women Protection Acts

SCERT AP Board 9th Class Social Solutions 22nd Lesson Women Protection Acts Textbook Questions and Answers.

AP State Syllabus 9th Class Social Studies Solutions 22nd Women Protection Acts

9th Class Social Studies 22nd Lesson Women Protection Acts Textbook Questions and Answers

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Question 1.
What are the disadvantages of child marriage?
Disadvantages of child marriage :

  • Underage pregnancy.
  • Provision for trafficking and sale of girls.
  • Pushing the unmatured into family system.
  • Increased abortions, premature births which results not only infant mortality but also the death of mothers.
  • Handicapped child births or dead child births.
  • Mental as well as physical health problems.
  • Obstacle to education.
  • Hurdle for physical growth (especially regarding female).
  • Become child labourers for family maintenance.

Question 2.
Why has domestic violence become a common practice? In what forms domestic violence is seen? Find out the reasons.
Reasons for the domestic violence which became common practice :

  1. The family system in the society is on the edge of a blade.
  2. No moral values are taught to the children.
  3. Lack of understanding capacity in the people.
  4. Changing cultures in the society.
  5. Hurting manner.
  6. Lack of adjustment between family members.
  7. Lack of respect towards women.
  8. Uncontrolled anger, i.e. mental imbalance.

AP Board 9th Class Social Studies Solutions Chapter 22 Women Protection Acts

Question 3.
You have read about various problems girls and women. Have you noticed any sort of problems in your village/town? Specify them and what is to be done.
I observe the following in our area.

  1. An estimated 85 to 90 percent of domestic violence victims are females.
  2. Females are victims of intimate partner violence at a rate about five times that of males.
  3. Females between the ages of 16 and 24 are most vulnerable to domestic violence.

To control this domestic violence –

  1. Proper counselling should be given to them.
  2. Value oriented education should be taught to the children.
  3. The nature of thinking from others’ point of view’ should be developed from childhood.

Question 4.
Many acts are made by the government. What do you suggest for better implementation?
The Acts cause changes physically. But there should be a change in the minds of the people. The government should take necessary steps for this change.

Question 5.
Write an essay on general problems, the women facing.
A Thomson Reuters Foundation expert poll last year ranked India as the world’s fourth most dangerous country for a woman, behind only Afganisthan, Congo, and Pakisthan.

Even though the practice is outlawed 300,000 to 600,000 female foetuses are aborted every year in India because of the preference for boys.

From the time they are born or not born and continuing till late in life when they become wives or mothers, it’s a vicious cycle of discrimination and violence keeps on continuing.

Nearly half of Indian girls are married off before the age of 18. Girls are also seen as a financial liability. The practice of dowry is banned by the government, but it’s still as common as ever.

A 2012 of UNICEF study found more than half of Indian males think it is justifiable to beat a wife under certain circumstances.

Outside the household, crimes against women in India are also on the rise, and the evidence is shocking. According to government data, more than 24,000 cases of rape were reported in 2011.

Indian women in some ways, have also made some strides. Literacy rates have gone up, maternal mortality rates have gone down, and millions of women have joined the workforce.

Authorities acknowledge that action is needed and say they are taking steps to try to better protect women.

Helplines have been set up. A number of fast track courts have also been established because of the December 16 gang rape, exclusively for cases of sexual assault and rape. But women’s rights activists say that when discrimination begins even before birth, change will not come easily.

Question 6.
Imagine that you are Tehsildar. How would you prevent child marriages?
As a Tehsildar –

  1. I will raise the awareness in parents and their relatives.
  2. If they don’t listen to me, I will request the police department to take them into custody. Thus I will prevent child marriages.

Question 7.
Prepare a pamphlet to understand the problems faced by the women.

Women in India

Women in Independent India are comparitively in a respectable position. Some of the problems which had been haunting the community of women for centuries are not found now.
But still, for a woman, her life is a battle for survival and dignity from her birth to death. Female infanticide, eve-teasing, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, rapes are still common. There are still many areas where women have not equal rights and are not encouraged to take up education. Dowry practice is still rampant, eventhough it termed illegal. Women still have to make a lot of sacrifices in every areas of their lives.

AP Board 9th Class Social Studies Solutions Chapter 22 Women Protection Acts

Question 8.
Read the paragraph under the title ‘Sexual Assault and Torturing’ of page 275 and comment on it.

Sexual Asssault an Torturing :
Recently, central government has appointed Justice J.S. Verma Committee asking suggestions to prevent sexual assault and abuse. Based on the suggestions, Hon. President of India issued an ordinance on 2nd February, 2013. Some important features of the ordinance, are;

  • Minimum 20 years of imprisonment.
  • Recruitment of women police to address the complaints from the victims.
  • It is not necessary for the victim to attend before the police officers individually.
  • There will be no punishment if the accused dies in struggle at the time of attack with acid on women.
  • There is scope to short video at the time of complaining and trial on the request of the victims.


  1. Only legislation and law enforcement agencies cannot prevent the incident of crime against women.
  2. There is a need of social awakening and change in the attitude of masses, so that due respect and equal status is given to women.

Question 9.
What facilities does the government provide to the poor for seeking judicial justice?
Consult a lawyer and get the information.

  • Lok Adalat is a relatively recent product in the justice for the poor.
  • Next to that there are Legal Aid Committees, Legal Services Authority.

Services offered by the legal services authority :

  1. Payment of court and other process fee,
  2. Changes for preparing, drafting and filing of any legal proceedings.
  3. Changes of a legal practitioner or legal advisor.
  4. Costs of obtaining decrees, judgements, orders or any other documents in a legal proceeding.
  5. Costs of paper work, including printing, translation, etc.

These are the facilities provided by the government to the poor for seeking judicial justice.

9th Class Social Studies 22nd Lesson Women Protection Acts InText Questions and Answers

Question 1.
Have you ever seen child marriages? (Text Book Page No. 269)
No, I have never seen child marriages.

Question 2.
Have you ever observed harassment and violence made to women and girls? (Text Book Page No. 269)
Yes, I have observed in many of my neighbouring houses.

Question 3.
Have you ever observed the various types of domestic violence threatening women in day to day life? (Text Book Page No. 269)
I have observed the following,

  1. Persisting denial of food,
  2. Insisting on perverse sexual conduct
  3. Constantly locking a woman out of the house.
  4. Denying the woman access to children, thereby causing mental torture.
  5. Physical violence.
  6. Taunting, demoralising and putting down the woman with the intention of causing mental torture.
  7. Abusing children in their mother’s presence with the intention of causing her mental torture.
  8. Mental abuse (threaten to harm, stopping from jobs, force to marry whom she doesn’t like).
  9. Threatening divorce unless dowry is given.

AP Board 9th Class Social Studies Solutions Chapter 22 Women Protection Acts

Question 4.
What shall we do to stop such violence caused to girls and women? (Text Book Page No. 269)
We should take the following steps to stop such violence to girls and women.

  1. Value oriented education should be given to the children in schools.
  2. The persons, who caused violence, should be punished.

Question 5.
Have you ever seen or heard about women being tortured for dowry in your locality? How are they being tortured? What sort of suggestions do you make to prevent? Who will held responsible? (Text Book Page No. 273)
Yes, I have seen such a case. My neighbour ‘Vasu’ is harassing his wife for dowry. He has his mothers support also. They usually beat her, abuse her. I suggest her to proceed women protection cell authorities. Then the project officer will hold responsible.

Question 6.
Domestic violence takes place now and then and gradually it becomes a bad habit pattern. More violence generates from violence. How do we stop this? Who will help? (Text Book Page No. 274)
In order to put a stop to the domestic violence, there are various things which should be followed.
1) Awareness:
To make the people aware about the drawbacks and harms of the domestic violence, setthe rules againstthe practice and impose stringent punishments to the attacker.

2) Need for stringent laws:
It is very important that the law against domestic violence has to be imposed stringently.

3) Empowered non-government organizations:
Individuals can also seek the help of NGOs.

4) Seek police help:
In case of severe violence, individuals can seek legal help from the police and put an end to domestic violence.

5) Be aware of the domestic violence facts:
The facts of the domestic violence should be learnt by all.

6) Encourage and not threaten:
It is very important to organize a meeting and encourage people to come up with the solutions.

7) Counselling :
It is very important to have counselling in terms of danger.

AP Board 9th Class Social Studies Solutions Chapter 22 Women Protection Acts

Question 7.
Sometimes child marriages are performed for the under aged i.e., less than 15 years without their consent. How do we stop such marriages? Who will help us? (Text Book Page No. 271)
We can approach the higher officials in the area – to stop the child marriages.

  1. District Collector at district level.
  2. R.D.O at division level
  3. Tehsildar or Mandal level ICDS officer.
  4. Gram Panchayat Secretary at village level are the incharges in stopping the child marriages. They will help us.