TS 8th Class English Guide Unit 5A The Treasure Within Part 1

Telangana SCERT 8th Class English Study Material Telangana Unit 5A The Treasure Within Part 1 Textbook Questions and Answers.

TS 8th Class English Guide Unit 5A The Treasure Within Part 1

Pre – Reading :

Look at the pictures given below and answer the questions that follow:

TS 8th Class English Guide Unit 5A The Treasure Within Part 1 1

Question 1.
Identify the persons in the pictures.
Answer :
The persons in the pictures are : Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Mokshagundam Visweswaraiah and Saina Nehwal.

Question 2.
To which field does each of them belong to?
Answer :
A) Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan was chosen to be the first Vice President of India. Again in 1962, he became the President of India. He was basically the best teacher and also a philosopher. 5th September, the birthday of Radha Krishnan is observed as Teacher’s Day. B) Abdul Kalam is a great scientist and also was chosen to be the President of India. C) Mokshagundam Visweswaraiah was a great architect and engineer. D) Saina Nehwal is an eminent badminton player.

TS 8th Class English Guide Unit 5A The Treasure Within Part 1

Question 3.
Would you like to be like any one of them? If yes, name the field you like.
Answer : I would like to be like the former President Dr. Abdul Kalam. He is a scientist. He became the President of India, – making every Indian feel proud.
Oral Discourse Talk on – “Ambition of your life.”
Answer :
The ambition of my life is to become a teacher and mould the character of thousands of boys and girls. Teaching is regarded as the noblest profession. My burning desire is to do justice to this profession.

The word education is derived from a Latin word which means “draw out”. The main aim of education is to draw out or develop the faculties of the mind. A true teacher not only teaches a particular subject efficiently but also guides the students to make the best use of their faculties. I would like to be a teacher of this type.

A good teacher can transform fools into wise people and bad people into good ones. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the most influential teacher, says, “Students should apply their knowledge in their real life.” I will definitely have respect for these golden words and strive to fulfil the dream of the ideal teacher.

An ideal teacher cultivates good habits and good character so that he can set an example to the students. A teacher’s character has strong influence on the students than his teaching. When I become a teacher, I will help the students, by both precept and example, to cultivate discipline and face life successfully.

Alexander, the Great said about his teacher Aristotle, “I am indebted to my father for living and to my teacher for living worthily.” I shall have fulfilled my ambition if similar words are said about me after I become a teacher.

Answer the following questions :

Question 1.
What nightmare did Hafeez have?
Answer :
Hafeez had a nightmare about appearing for a maths examination as he did not know anything. Hafeez was not interested in studies. Learning mathematics was a Herculian task for him. Though he was a good student till his second class he lost interest in studies in 3rd class.

Question 2.
Which words of the principal influenced Hafeez deeply?
Answer :
The words of the principal reminded Hafeez of his family position, his state of studies and the hard work rendered by his mother in bringing him up. These words influenced him deeply.

TS 8th Class English Guide Unit 5A The Treasure Within Part 1

Question 3.
“…That year I did not step out on to the field”. Who said these words and why?
Answer :
Hafeez said these words. After the advice of his principal, Hafeez realised his responsibility and pondered over his family’s position. He learnt how important his education was for his future. Though he was the cricket captain he did not step out on to the field that year. He simply concentrated on his studies.

Question 4.
What was the reason for which Hafeez indulged in distraction?
Answer :
Hafeez indulged in distraction because he was just interested in playing and nothing else. He was mostly interested in funny pranks instead of studying.

Question 5.
What things did Hafeez prefer to academics? List them.
Answer :
The things Hafeez preferred to academics were :
(i) playing games, (ii) playing cricket, (iii) playing chor-police.
(iv) watching movies, (v) being the leader of a gang of boys.

Additional Questions :

Question 1.
What is the memory Hafeez cherishes from his school days ?
Answer :
When Hafeez got second class, 50 percent, in his SSC, his principal commented that he should consider himself as having got a distinction.

Question 2.
What’s the example of Hafeez’s utmost interest in activities other than studies?
Answer :
Hafeez was very much interested in playing and watching movies. Once his friends were allowed to go to nearyby town to watch a movie. Hafeez took initiative in arranging tickets for them. On that day, Hafeez went to the town and brought tickets for the movie even without having his lunch. After watching the movie he had his lunch. This shows his utmost interest in other matters keeping aside his academics.

TS 8th Class English Guide Unit 5A The Treasure Within Part 1

Question 3.
What opinion would you form of Hafeez when you came to know that he copied in the examination? What do you learn from this?
Answer :
I felt that he shouldn’t have copied in the examinations. Even if he did not know the answers he should not have copied. Being a below average student in studies, Hafeez could have succeeded in his life in the area of his interest. I feel that every individual is unique.

The Treasure Within Part-1 Summary in English

One of India’s leading architects, Mr. Hafeez Contractor, shared his views about his career. He explained his life style to his interviewer, Ms. Bela Raja. He said that he was not interested in his studies from third class onwards. Upto 2nd class he studied well. Later he was interested in playing games, pranks and jokes on others. He never took seriously the punishments he received from his teachers. He said that he was always enjoying by watching movies, and maintaining a gang of boys. He said that he was called on once by his principal. The principal’s advice changed his life-style. He said that his principal guided him to make his life meaningful. He reminded him of his mother’s hard struggle in bringing him up. He realized his mistake. He secured second class in S.S.C.

He also explained his playful tricks to the interviewer, Ms. Bela Raja. He said that once he was the leader of his gang of boys. He collected money from 40 to 50 students and went to the nearby city. He bought cinema tickets. He was curious in attending a movie along with his gang. On that day even without having lunch, he went for tickets. He watched the movie and on his return he finished his lunch. This itself shows how much Mr. Hafeez Contractor was interested in playing games and spending time with his friends. He left his academics completely. This tells his childhood state.

Glossary :

1. nightmare (n): frightening dream
Usage: He still has nightmares about the accident.
2. psyche (n): mind or mentality
Usage : She knew at some deep level of her psyche that what she was doing was wrong.
3. caning (n) : punishment or beating
4. chor police (n) : children’s game (thief and police man)
5. strategies (n) : methods of winning fights
Usage: It is the general’s role to develop overall strategy.
6. academics ( n ) : educational matters (books, studies, discussions, etc.)
Usage: You have to do well academically to get into medical school.
7. book (v) : offer to buy in advance

TS 8th Class English Guide Unit 5A The Treasure Within Part 1

Additional Meanings :

8. memories : recollection
9. pranks : playful tricks
10. absolutely : with no condition or restriction
11. distraction : diverted attention
12. threatened : say what will be done to hurt or punish
13. concerned : related
14. get over : escape
15. wrath : anger