AP SSC 10th Class English Solutions Chapter 6B A Plea for India

AP State Board Syllabus AP SSC 10th Class English Textbook Solutions Chapter 6B A Plea for India Textbook Questions and Answers.

AP State Syllabus SSC 10th Class English Solutions Chapter 6B A Plea for India

10th Class English Chapter 6B A Plea for India Textbook Questions and Answers


I. Answer the following questions.

Question 1.
What do fights put us in?
Fights land us in a difficult situation. They fill hatred against one another, poison our minds, and cause the feeling of segregation. Due to fights, we lack peace and happiness. To sum up, fights result in our sorrow.

Question 2.
Why does the poet use the expressions ‘proud to be a strong nation’ and ‘hang heads in shame’ at the same time?
India is a united country with its varied castes, religions, creeds, and communities. We follow ‘unity in diversity’ that makes our nation a ‘strong nation.’ In spite of its unity, there are walls of discrimination that lead to disputes and cause violence. The local and internal disputes that shake the walls of unity ‘hang our heads in shame.’ So the two expressions are used at the same time.

AP SSC 10th Class English Solutions Chapter 6B A Plea for India

Question 3.
Who are cheats? Who are being cheated?
The people who speak/act violently to disturb the foundations of the country’s unity are cheats. The innocent people who strive for the country’s integrity are cheated.

Question 4.
What are the tasks to be finished according to the poet?
According to the poet, there are many tasks to be finished. India has to develop eco-nomically to adjoin the developed countries. For this it has to grow technologically, industrially, and socially. We have plenty of resources but lacking self-confidence. The team work and unity will fill this gap and lead towards a successful path.

AP SSC 10th Class English Solutions Chapter 6B A Plea for India

Question 5.
What is the central idea of the poem?
The central idea of the poem is to build a strong united nation with dedication, love, piety, and will power.

A Plea for India Summary

It is a request for Indians to keep their nation strong and not to disturb the nation with internal disputes. In order to symbolise the charm of the nation, we should maintain unity irrespective of caste, region or religion. Instead of creating problems, we should solve the incomplete tasks. Violence leads to sorrow, so let us not lose our lives in hatred. Instead, love one another to make our country sacred. There are still many aspects to be concentrated upon. So let us give a serious, humble thought for the development of the nation. There are people who cheat one another, perform rot and make their life hopeless. The communal riots lead us to shame and disgrace which can be controlled with the wilful nature towards triumphant India. Let us make the saying Unity is Strength’ a truthful proverb and build up a strong nation. This is possible only through commitment, determination, and courage to face challenges.

A Plea for India Glossary

roots (n) : basic source or origin of something

declare (v) : announce

plight (n) : trouble / a difficult or sad situation

irrespective of (prep) : regardless of / without taking account of

charm (n) : the power of quality of attracting others

ignore (v) : neglect / pay no attention to

bickering (v) : backbiting / arguing about things that are not important

task (n) : a work to be completed

indulge (v) : take pleasure in / make a fuss of

anew (adv) : additionally / one more

violence (n) : fighting / cruelty

return (v) : give back

she loves a ton : The mother lover her son a lot.

gather (v) : collect

resided (v) : belonged to a person or a body

miserably (adv) : sadly / in a mean way

on high cloud (idiom) : having strong feelings of happiness or satisfaction

end up (phr.v) : finish / come to an end

rot (n) : bad things

pious (adj) : virtuous / moral

riots (n) : violent disturbance

incite (v) : encourage somebody to be violent by making angry

din (n) : disturbance

dedication (n) : commitment /perseverance